The P2002JF - ready and certified today for tomorrow's generation of aspiring private pilots

The P2002JF is the most prolific of the  low wing single engine aeroplanes. It is  certified to CS-VLA and is of course from  the design stable of Professor Luigi Pascale. Its superlative performance has proved extremely popular at flying schools and aero clubs worldwide.

The option to use AVGAS 100LL or unleaded MOGAS ASTM D4814-EN/228 SUPER make the P2002 JF even more flexible and economical. The P2002-JF represents the latest development of the Tecnam aircraft as result of the aircraft’s continued improvement, the use of advanced software for design with structural and fluidynamic analysis.

Thanks to the tapered wing, the laminar airfoils, the slotted flaps and the streamline fuselage together with the retractable gear, the P2002JR is an outstanding aircraft, with the perfect mix of aerodynamic and structural efficiency.


P2002JF Specification / Price List 

2017 Main Price List