The general features of the aircraft come from current market requirements. The P2012 is characterised by a very comfortable fuselage cabin to accommodate up to 9 pax and 1 or 2 pilots and will be equipped with two Lycoming piston engines rated at 375 hp each. They are both Mogas and Avgas capable.

This new airliner has been designed to comply with both FAR part 23 and EASA CS-23.

Particular care has been paid to the winglet design, which have been designed mainly to improve the climb performance in the one engine inoperative condition.

The design has been accomplished starting from the following design specifications:

a) easy cabin access via wide doors

b) superior cabin comfort for all passengers; same forward and side space for all passengers

c) spacious, in-fuselage, luggage compartment

d) reduced take-off run

e) cruise speed of about 180 kt at 8,000 to 10.000 ft

f) greater than 600 nm range