The new owner was captivated by the testimonials he had seen and read in numerous British general aviation magazines over the autumn. He approached Tim in October for an opportunity to take a closer look at the aeroplane. He really appreciated the flight experience and of course acknowledges the low capital cost and low running costs .... a twin for the operating cost of a single.

The aeroplane will fit into the owner's own hangar perfectly. He was pleasantly surprised when he realised that the footprint of the Tecnam twin is similar to his current single engine aeroplane. That was his decision made and he has naturally chosen his own new Tecnam for an MEP Rating course and is already designing the livery for his new aeroplane!

it is now only 18 months after EASA certification and there are now over 50 Tecnam P2006T twins operating worldwide, with Tecnam delivering a new twin every 5 days