FLYER magazine flight tests G-ZOOG, the UK's first P2006T Twin

''An aircraft that could change the way you see GA''

We at Tecnam UK, exclusive distributor for all certified TECNAM aeroplanes in the UK, Ireland and Iceland are delighted with the glowing endorsement for the P2006T in the August issue of Flyer magazine. According to Flyer's latest newsletter (number 113)  ''The latest issue of FLYER is out now and features an aircraft that could change the way you see GA. The Tecnam P2006T is an attractive, innovative, relatively frugal, lightweight four-seater that just happens to be a twin. Judging by our flight test, it could have a stream of single-engine pilots ready to sign on the line for all the advantages of a twin at the price (almost) of a single''







FLYER test: August 2010 (860Kb) small