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“We are confident that with our school's support for this very exciting product range Tecnam will strengthen its position as an already highly respected aircraft manufacturer. It will go on to become the market leader in the supply of modern, low cost, environmentally friendly training aircraft in the UK and I am very much looking forward to a dynamic future with our aircraft provider at Tecnam UK, Tim Orchard”.
Halton Aeroplane Club
After considerable research, numerous test flights of the available modern training aircraft the Tecnam P2002jf was selected. Purchasing the Tecnam was RAF Halton’s first step in our training fleet modernisation programme. The UK Agent, Tim Orchard, helped all the way through the purchase process.

The a/c is totally different from our C152 fleet; low wing and lighter, but the major difference was the Rotax engine.

Club Members have to be re-educated with respect to pre-flight engine management, checking oil and water levels. The Rotax engine is a perfect match for the aircraft.

There is a great deal of scepticism of modern light weight training aircraft, as people are used to engines designed over fifty years ago.

The Club Members who have trained from the start on our Tecnam love it.

We have done almost a thousand hours from a grass airfield and have had no problems with any of the undercarriage components. A few of the taller pilots have complained about the forward view. It is a comfortable aircraft to fly, but most of all it is fun to fly.

There have been very few problems with either the airframe or engine.

Halton Aeroplane Club, RAF Halton.
Mike Miller-Smith
"We have owned and operated our P2002-JF since 2014, and it works hard flying hundreds of hours every year providing flight training and experience flights for disabled people. During this time it has provided reliable and cost-effective operations, and the factory certified and disability adaptions continue to ensure access for all. The aircraft is popular with students thanks to the enjoyable flying characteristics, light and responsive, yet stable and predictable. Ultimately it is great fun to fly.

If there are any negatives, it is due to the weight limitations imposed by the certification category, meaning that two heavy occupants are restricted by fuel load and therefore endurance, and tall pilots sometimes comment about the canopy hoop getting in the way of access and vision. Another important consideration is that the aircraft is built to very different design criteria to the ubiquitous Cessna and Piper training aircraft, and care must be exercised where weight is applied getting in & out and feet are placed. The lighter structure of the modern Tecnam is not as robust as previous generations of aircraft and must be treated as such.

The dealer support provided by Tecnam UK/Tim Orchard is second to none, responsive, customer focused and knowledgeable. Aerobility is currently fundraising to purchase a second Tecnam airframe.

Mike Miller-Smith, MBE, CEO Aerobility"
Surrey Aero Club
It was love at first sight; sleek nose, like a Concorde - classy winglets. Since purchasing my new aeroplane I have found it to be very economical, easy to fly, and it comes with a very comprehensive flight deck. The first routine maintenance / service was surprisingly economical, oil filters were cheaper than my car, and even though I now have twin-engines, the service cost was similar to my previous single. Fuel burn is fantastic as well... 36 litres an hour, or less. I needed a new part under warranty and the free of charge part arrived from Italy within 48 hours.

Surrey Aero Club Ltd.
Mr Daniel Lee
“I have now enjoyed over 60 hours of flying in my P2006 . I've made 2 trips to the South of France in the past 8 months and managed 140knot average speeds on 38 litres per hour of car fuel which is simply incredible. The second engine inspires great confidence on these longer trips, especially at night and over the channel. As well as touring, I have been training for a full IR. The low running costs, safe handling, easy operation and glass cockpit make the P2006 a perfect platform”.
"The whole process of buying my P2006T has been a delight. This is a twin for the private pilot. It is easy to fly, acceptably quick and at an incredibly low hourly cost. Tecnam UK makes the buying procedure simple and takes service seriously.

Thanks to Tim and Tecnam".